Specialty Options


Large Return Plaques

For applications where extra depth is desired, Gemini can manufacture plaques with a larger return. Our large return plaques feature an edge depth of 3/4” to 1”, instead of the standard 1/4” to 5/16” depth. Please call for a quote.

Double-Sided Plaque

Double-sided Plaques

In rare instances, such as a plaque that will be hung from the ceiling rather than mounted to a wall, the back side of a plaque will be visible. In such cases, a double-sided plaque may provide a more elegant look. Double-sided plaques feature a standard face, but have a finished back side that is a mirror image of the front. Maximum size is 26” x 50”.


Plaque Rejuvenation

After years of exposure, your plaque will show signs of aging. Bronze plaques will begin to patina, while aluminum plaques will lose their raw aluminum appearance and will develop an oxide skin on the surface of all exposed aluminum. If you would like to bring your existing plaque back to life with refinishing, a fresh background coating or new brushed satin raised copy, Gemini’s rejuvenation program may be for you.

Please call Gemini and send us a photograph of your plaque’s current state, because not all plaques can undergo this treatment. Typically, rejuvenation is 50% of the price of a new plaque, but may vary depending on plaque material, condition, age and origin of manufacture.