Decorative Mounts

Decorative Stand-Off Mounts

Decorative MountsPremium anodized aluminum stand-offs are excellent for installing plaques, plates and awards. Choose from either 1/2″ or 1″ diameter decorative caps, in either 3/4″ or 1-1/2″ stand-offs. Sold in sets of four, which include four stand-offs, four threaded caps, four nylon washers and one tightening wrench.

Decorative stand-offs are only available with a clear anodized finish when sold separately. However, when sold with Gemini plaques or plates, stand-offs may be painted any standard Gemini color.

Stand-off Mount Sizes

1/2" Diameter Stand-off, Short

1/2” Diameter, 3/4” Long

1/2" Diameter Stand-off, Long

1/2” Diameter, 1-1/2” Long

1" Diameter Standoff, Short

1” Diameter, 3/4” Long

1" Diameter Standoff, Long

1” Diameter, 1-1/2” Long

Note: These stand-offs must be painted to be used in exterior applications.